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I am Manuele 47 years old, I have been living in Greece for 5 years on the island of Paxos. A happy past full of satisfactions in tourist hospitality and a great passion for sailing since childhood
I have been windsurfing since I was 12 years old, then the first sailing courses and, compatibly with my demanding job, went out in the Adriatic on my first 33-foot sailboat
From there many miles in the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean Adriatic. I understood at the age of 30 that I cannot do without the sea and I try to navigate as much as possible to understand and support it on every type of boat in transfers and regattas
For 5 years I have left my real job to devote myself to my great passion aboard my Salona 45 I sail for about 4000 miles a year between the Greek islands of the Ionian and Aegean where I know every bay
I have obtained a Greek charter license to engage in this activity regularly. Right now I am crossing the Atlantic Ocean but in March I return to Greece among the islands that I love so much and want to make known

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